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Frequently Asked Questions about the Game Farm...

Why was the game farm started?

The Olympic Game Farm was never intended to be open to the public in the 1950's and 1960’s. The Farm was originally designed as a holding compound for the animal actors in between movie shoots by Disney Studios. This "in-between" time was used to train the animals for future up-and-coming movies. Disney Studios had asked us to keep the public and cameras out of the Farm; however, in the summer of 1972, we allowed people in—to see what the Farm could do on its own. After that summer, we let Disney Studios know what we did and how well we did. Disney was interested, held a vote from their Board of Directors and decided it was ok to continue. That same year, we officially opened to the public as a business.

Lloyd and Catherine Beebe (Founders) had spent most of their savings from film making on new pens, fencing, and training fields. The Beebe’s felt there was no better place than on the Olympic Peninsula—friendly people and a great climate that was never too hot or too cold. It was always their intent, and continues to be, that the animals keep receiving the attention, respect, and care long after their film work is completed. They will be with us as long as they live.

Where do the animals come from?

Most of the Olympic Game Farm’s animals are the offspring of our past animal actors. Several others are either rescues; overflow from other licensed animal facilities; retired from acting in the entertainment industry (other trainers); or we just received as gifts and donations from licensed individuals.

How do you afford to feed them?

Currently, all proceeds from tourism are put into animal care and feeding. This includes all operating costs (employees, licensing, feed, utilities, repairs, etc.) associated in caring for our animals. In the past, film making and tourism was the mainstay; however, as the years and societal attitudes have evolved the film industry genre, live animal actors are no longer in high demand. We do receive donations from local dairy farms and equestrians when their stock is sick or dying. Income made from the summer season carries the Farm through the extremely lean winter months. This presents tough budgeting constraints and is a tremendous struggle each year.

Do you accept random donations?

Yes, the Olympic Game Farm does accept any, reasonable donations. Naturally, the best donation is monetarily but we will consider all other types.

Are you open year round?

Olympic Game Farm is open year round, but will be closed for Thanksgiving and Christmas Days in order to spend time with our families.

What is the difference between a wildlife park and a game farm?

A wildlife park is usually publicly funded by city, county, and/or state funds or a group of investors. Game farms are usually in connection with commerce, such as breeding, but are privately funded by the owners.

Are the animals at the Game Farm still used by the movie industry?

As of this writing, we have not used any animals in the film industry. We do have one animal that has been retired by longtime animal trainer friend. Nevertheless, we continue to be interested in future opportunities and are now resurrecting our training program.

How long does the tour take?

Typical drive tour takes anywhere from 45 minutes to 1 hour. The admission ticket is good for all day until closing.

Are we allowed to bring our own bread to feed?

Yes you can bring your own bread in to feed, wheat or whole grain bread is only permitted.(No white, sourdough, etc.)

Why can't we bring in fruit or other food items to feed the animals?

U.S.D.A has a strict rule about the customers feeding our animals. Bread is the ONLY type of feed allowed to given by the customers. Unless provided by the Olympic Game Farm. Bread has been proven to be an excellent source of fat and fiber for our animals. Large animals differ from humans and domesticated animals tremendously, with their fat & nutritional needs.

What other type of feed is given to the animals besides bread?

Each animal has a well balanced nutritional diet based on their nutritional needs. Meat, poultry, fish, nuts, berries, vegetables, fruit, roots, vitamins, hay, & grain are fed daily, during and after closing times.

Are pets allowed inside our vehicle while driving?

Yes pets are allowed as long as they are inside an enclosed vehicle.

Are convertibles/open vehicles permitted?

All vehicles must be fully enclosed at all times for your safety. Jeeps, Broncos, etc must have sides and tops on, making it fully enclosed. NO MOTORCYCLES PERMITTED on drive tour.


We do ask for customers not to take it upon themselves to decide what is best to feed our animals. Any food items other than the bread brought to feed, will be held at the gate until the tour is over. Any violaters will be asked to leave permanently for endangering our animals.

The reason why we ask this, not only because of the U.S.D.A. rule, each animal is carefully monitored and fed daily. Some of the animals are not allowed certain foods due to medical reasons, dental problems, alleriges, being strict carnivores, etc.

We have had customers sneak in produce/meat before, and quite a few of our animals fell violently ill. While the untrained customers thought they were doing what was best, we almost lost some of our precious animals.

What was the difference between the original walk tour and the new "Mini Tour"?


The difference between the original walk and the new mini tour is:
- in the original tour, a tour guide would walk visitors through the predator area in addition to the barn and aquarium and was only offered to groups of 10 people or more when scheduled in advance at an additional charge.
- In the "mini tour", all visitors can enjoy the experience at their own leisure but the predator compound is not included.


Why are you no longer allowing the original walking tours to take place this year?

Thanks to our fundraiser June 20th 2009, we will be upgrading the predator area spring 2010. Rest assured the animals in the predator area will still be in view from your vehicle on the driving tour. For saftey reasons, we cannot allow visitors on foot around the construction.
The original tours will still be offered to schools and other educational groups throughout the year, please call for details or scheduling.

Be sure to make your plans to visit the Olympic Game Farm near Sequim, WA. Click here for directions and a map.

(Olympic Game Farm is not affiliated with or endorsed by the U.S. Olympic Committee.)